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About Digital Research 2012


Thank you to everyone for coming, to all our speakers and everyone involved in the event organisation!

DevChallenge Winners... Congratulations to Eamonn and Peter !  See the DevChallenge page for results

About the Event

For 10 years the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting has been our annual meetup and summit, working towards a vision of e-Science predicated on tackling the "data deluge". The meeting has become an important annual community event for advanced computing supporting research in all disciplines. Over the same time the "long tail" of research has become increasingly digital and online, and the challenges of "Big Data" - in all it's volume, velocity and variety - demand solution in all disciplines. Clearly there is a conversation to be had!  Digital Research 2012 brings together multiple constituencies to reflect on the "state of the nation" and discuss the future agenda in Digital Research.

Design Principles of Digital Research 2012

  1. It's a meetup and a summit - community gathering and sharing, and agenda-setting to inform policy
  2. It's multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and it's the whole of the curve including "long tail research"
  3. It's digital - the conference record is captured online for those not physically at the event and to maximise dissemination and re-use
  4. It's an experiment in co-design - informing new annual community events

Sponsors and Supporters of Digital Research 2012

We are very grateful to all our sponsors for their help in organising the event

Thanks also to the All Hands Foundation and to the organisers of All Hands 2011 at University of York.

Event Organisation

  • Executive Conference ChairDavid De Roure (Oxford e-Research Centre)
  • Registration and event logisticsClem Harris (Oxford e-Research Centre)
  • Event design and communicationsAdi Himpson (Oxford e-Research Centre)


  • New Science of New Data (Monday) - Mark Elliot (University of Manchester) and Megan Meredith-Lobay (ESRC Digital Social Research)
  • Open Science (Tuesday) - Sophie Kershaw (Oxford and Open Knowledge Foundation), Jenny Molloy (Oxford)
  • Smart Spaces (Tuesday) - Jeremy Frey (Southampton) for Digital Economy "IT as a Utility" (also Simon Coles, Southampton)
  • e-Infrastructure Forum (Wednesday) - Peter Coveney and Samantha Gan (UCL)
  • Showcase tracks - David Wallom (Oxford), Mark Weal (Southampton), Jon Blower (Reading) for e-Research South
  • DevChallenge - Mahendra Mahey (UKOLN)
  • Software Sustainability - Simon Hettrick (SSI)

Programme Committee

  • Malcolm Atkinson, University of Edinburgh
  • Don Cruickshank, University of Southampton
  • Ian Dunlop, University of Manchester
  • Robert Haines, The University of Manchester
  • Duncan Hull, University of Manchester
  • Helen Hulme, The University of Manchester
  • Megan Meredith-Lobay, University of Oxford
  • Danius Michaelides, University of Southampton
  • Andrew Richards, University of Oxford
  • Shoaib Sufi, University of Manchester
  • Maria Susana Avila Garcia, University of Oxford
  • David Wallom, Oxford e-Research Centre
  • Mark Weal, University of Southampton
  • Martin Wynne, University of Oxford


The main keynotes from the conference are all now available to view online.

Noshir Contractor:
Can big data motivate new theories and methods?

Nigel Shadbolt:
Open Data - Promise and Perils

Stevan Harnad:
How & why the RCUK Open Access Policy needs to be revised

Peter Murray-Rust:
Data in the Long Tail of Science

Neil Chou Hong:
Doing Science Properly in the Digital Age

Jim Hendler:
Broad Data (audio only)

To see more videos from the conference you can visit our YouTube channel.