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Digital Research Developer Challenge!


  1. Eamonn Maguire - Biodiversity mobile app
  2. Peter Murray-Rust - Open Biblio
  3. James Jardine - Finding Niche Citation
  4. Luis Hernann - Macroscope
  5. Dave De Roure - (Per)sonification of Big Data
  6. Helen Jeffrey - Hack the Bod
  7. Alexandra Pawlik - Crowd Sourcing Documentation

Congratulations to our prizewinners Eamonn and Peter, and thanks to Dragons and everyone in the Den!

We are proud to announce that we are working with the Developer Community Support Innovation (DevCSI) project based at Innovation Support Centre, UKOLN, the University of Bath to organise Digital Research's first Developer Challenge.

The Challenge:   "Show us the future of Digital Research!"


Entering the Challenge

If you are attending Digital Research 2012, why not participate in the exciting DevCSI Developer Challenge this year? Whether you are a developer or not, we want you to get involved in some way this year.

If you are thinking of entering, submit your intention to do so on the ideas page before the conference,  and help us get an idea of interest for the challenge. The deadline for doing so is 4pm on the Monday 10th of September 2012.

The challenge will start on Monday 10th of September, 2012 where we have a flexible 'Hack space' for you to visit to develop your ideas further and enjoy the rest of the conference. However, your actual idea doesn't have to be submitted until 3pm on Tuesday 11th of September, 2012.

You will have several chances to get feedback from the delegates, but particularly at the Drinks Reception on Tuesday 11th September, at 19:30.

After that you will be required to pitch your idea to a conference audience in the evening at the Dragons' Pizza Den at 20:30 (free pizza provided!). Two winners will be shortlisted and then they will present on Wednesday morning where the audience will decide the overall winner.

Posting your Idea / Intention to Enter / Getting Feedback

We really want you to be involved before the conference, so post your ideas now, start up a discussion, get some feedback and refine your idea.

At the conference you will have opportunities to get feedback from attendees during breaks and particularly at the drinks reception before you have to pitch.

Pitching Your Idea

If you are entering, you will be required to pitch to an audience, where your entry will be judged at the fearsome Dragon's Pizza Den at 20:30 on Tuesday 11th September 2012!  The best two ideas will be announced at the end of this session and they will then re-present their entries to the entire conference the next day at the Showcase Presentations. The audience will then vote on who is the winner and who is the runner up. Both will win Amazon vouchers.

Information about your Ideas

Ideas need to be well formed and thought out with some explanation about how it might be implemented (e.g. how long it would take to implement, the technology involved), if you are unsure, talk to a developer in the Hack Space. You do not necessarily have to include working code... though I am sure the developers amongst you won't be able to resist!

Re-Cap on Entering for the Developer Challenge

1.      Sign up to attend the FREE Digital Research Conference. At least one team member should be attending the event in person to present their idea.

2.      Share your idea! Submit your initial idea or intention to enter by Monday 10th September, 4pm.

3.      Work in the Developer Hack Space

The Developer Hack Space is available on Monday and Tuesday at the conference for you to work on your idea, get feedback, talk to other developers, researchers and academics. We might even leave nice some treats in there for you, so please come along!