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DevChallenge Programme

From 3rd September 2012 - Ideas Ideas!

Post your ideas or intention to submit on the ideas page for the Developer Challenge. Start a discussion and get some feedback. Invite others to join in!

Monday 10th September 2012 - Tuesday 11th September 2012 (09:00 - 18:00)

- Developer Hack Space

Room: TBA

The Hack Space is a ‘flexible’ area, so you are encouraged to attend other exciting parts of the conference at this time if you so wish and even promote your entry to other delegates. The space is intended to support those who are entering the challenge, you can treat this place as your little ‘base’ for the event and you can use it as a chance to talk to other developers/researchers, exchange ideas, talk tech, get advice etc. The room will have flip charts, a projector, caffeine, snacks, wireless, lots of power sockets, a pitching area, video cameras, etc. Designed for geeks.

Opening Times

Monday (09:00 - 18:00 and after Gala Dinner), Tuesday (09:00 - 18:00)

We are also hoping to run informal sessions here:

Meet the conference delegates - We have invited the conference delegates to come into the Hack Space to see what developers/researchers are doing, to chat to them, even give them ideas and feedback. Please let us know if you are interested in doing this.

How to pitch properly - A chance to practice your pitch ready for the presentation on Wednesday  Dragons' Den Pizza Session.  We have some useful guidelines, tips and tricks to make your presentation look slick and professional. Please let us know if you are interested in doing this you can even watch yourself back and see what you need to do to improve!

Feedback on your ideas - Organisers of the challenge will be on hand to give you advice, support and feedback on your ideas to ensure it is focussed on the challenge.

I have problem… - Are you working on the challenge and you need some help. Tell what it is and if we can’t help, we will try and find someone that can.

I have an idea but I am not sure if it is any good - If you have an idea, and want to discuss with us, please do and we can give you honest feedback, whether it meets the challenge, whether it is too ambitious, or needs bolstering.

Tuesday 11th September 15:00 - Deadline to submit you idea to the idea's page.

Please include the following information (if you can):

  • The name of the team/individual
  • The names of the individuals and where they work
  • A description of the idea and how you will implement it technically. Remember, it is not a requirement to produce working code (unless you really want to!)
  • How long it would take to code, if you haven’t already written the code.
  • A URI to some more information about the entry if possible

Tuesday 11th September 19:00 - Drinks reception - Discuss your entry over a wine!

We will be encouraging people entering the challenge to discuss their entries during the Drinks Reception

Tuesday 11th September 20:30 - Pitch your entry at the Dragons' Pizza Den, two pitches to be chosen.

A Dragon Eating Pizza!

After the drinks' reception, people are invited to eat a pizza and participate in the Dragons' Den. The audience will watch and mark each of the pitches made by entrants. Two finalists will be decided from this. These two finalists will be invited to pitch again on the Wednesday of the conference at the Showcase Presentations in the morning.

Wednesday 12th September 1000 - 1015 - The Final Pitch

An overview of all the ideas will be given, the two finalists will pitch again and the audience will decide a winner.