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Dev Challenge at Digital Research 2012 - The Results!

After 2 days of the innovative Dev Challenge at Digital Research 2012, we ended up with a total of 7 entries! This was really great considering this is the first time we have done this at the event.

The entrants had to 'pitch' their ideas for 3-5 minutes to an audience of dragons at the 'Dragons' Pizza Den' and then take questions from the audience.

Nearly 40 Dragons came over from the Drinks Reception in the Oxford Museum of Natural History to see the pitches in the Open Access Grid Room at the Oxford e-research Centre. Each 'Dragon' was given $1300 (fake dollar bills) as their 'investment money' which they could use to support their favourite idea(s).

Pizzas duly arrived around 20:45 and the pitching began!

Each pitch was followed by a 'gentle grilling' from the audience of dragons, some of whom took on the role of being a 'Dragon' very enthusiastically.

The order of the pitches were:

  1. The Biodiversity Mobile App by Eamon Maguire
  2. Finding Niche Citation by James Jardine
  3. Open Biblio by Peter Murray Rust and Mark Magillvray
  4. Hack the Bod by Helen Jeffrey
  5. Crowd Sourcing Documentation by Aleksandra Pawlik
  6. Personification of Big Data by David De Roure
  7. Macroscope by Luis Hernann


Some pictures of the Dragons' Pizza Den!

Dragons then distributed their investment money in envelopes representing each of the entries and the amount of money for each was counted! The results were thus!

1st - Biodiversity Mobile App - $11,900

2nd -  Open Biblio - $6,400

3rd - Finding Niche Citation - $6,000

4th - Macroscope - $5,600

5th - Personification of Big Data - $5,100

6th - Hack the Bod - $4,500

7th - Crowd Sourcing Documentation - $3,600

Congratulations to Eamon who gets a £100 Amazon voucher for winning and the runner up (Peter Murray Rust) a £50 amazon voucher. Well done to all those who participated and were brave enough to put forward an entry to the challenge! Also a big thank you to those of you from the conference that came along to the Dragons' Den to support the event. It was a fun evening which ended in many going to the pub.

We had some great ideas which were developed over the period of the conference.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make it happen (Adi, Clem, David and Mahendra). May be next year we can try and do something even better! More pictures and videos of the pitches and questions will follow soon!